Ability to interact with controls without creating an ObjectRepository class

This feature is available from v1.03 (Get<CUITe_*>() methods from v1.04) based on requests (Feature Request#608 & Feature Request#639). Though it is not CUITe's philosophy to encourage UI automation without ObjectRepository classes, this feature was added considering people who are not really into UI automation suite development, but have to do very little or negligible amount of UI'ing to satisfy a workflow logic etc.. For example, an API scenario test (or Webservices or WCF) may require something to be done at the UI before it can proceed to the next steps. Such a suite will have very little UI automation code, and the ask of creating and maintaining Object Repository classes is a bit too much, hence this feature.

CUITe_BrowserWindow bWin = new CUITe_BrowserWindow("Gmail: Email from Google");
Below shown 'GetHtml*() methods are deprecated/obsolete.'


Think twice before using this feature. Use it if and only if you are 'NOT' really into UI automation suite development, and want to just get things done. Using this feature could reduce the maintainability (read increase in the maintenance effort).

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