I am unable to use CUITe.dll for VS2013 Premium

Hi, I am getting below runtime error while using CUITe.dll with VS2013 Premium edition. I am successfully able to build the CodedUI Test project, but I am unable to run it due to below error. Is t...

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How to access links with same InnerText

Hi, I am a tester (not a developer) that is now exploring capabilities of CUITe to use it in functional/regression testing. I am testing pages created in Single Page Application framework and the...

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how to record windows application using CUITe 1.0.6 Beta version

hi icnocop I am working on windows application which is developed in c# and there is no third party controls(custom controls) are included. I saw that CUITe 1.0.6 Beta version supports win-form co...

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Set a encrypted password using Cuite

Hi I am trying to login using cuite objects, but it doesn't support encrypted password and i have to pass the password as plain text to make it work. Here is the my code cpLogin.txtPassword.SetTe...

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webpage dialog object

Hi, I am not able to record a web page dialog using cut, is there a way i can record these objects.

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Does CUITe support .net 4.5, Silverlight 5

Hi, I wanted to know whether CUITe supports .net 4.5 and Silverlight 5 application. I have VS2012 Premium with UI Test plug in installed for Silverlight 5. As I was searching for how to hand code ...

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Unable to identify objects for WPF using Awesomium UI web control application

We could not able to automate below application using a automation tool like CodedUI or any other UI automation tools. To just give the back ground this application has been developed in .Net usi...

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CUITE is not working with VS 2012 premium (update 4) and .NET 4.5

Testmethod is not visible in TEST EXPLORER after adding one .cs file in Object Repository Folder (this cs file is generated after CUITe recording). Object Repository folder sits in Project. wierd ...

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CUITe verion 1.0.6 (36574) for framework 4.5 does not work after build in VS2013

I try to use CUITe module in Visual Studio 2013 (framework 4.5). Build successfully created, but after referencing in my project I have got an error: The type or namespace name 'CUITe' could not be...

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Sample Object repository for WPF control window wise

Hi , For web automation in CUITe we prepare OR as follows Mybrowserwindow: CUITe_Browserwindo { public string sWindowTitle= "" ; . . } Than I call it using Mybrowserwindow owin = CUITe_BrowserWind...

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