Cannot run CUITe tests in VS2015

Tests are not running in VS2015, I have included the "specific version" of the testing DLLs from successful runs in VS2012. Tests seem discovered, but are not running with the following in the out...

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Automation for SilverLight Controls

Hi All, Could you let me know thatCUITe 1.0.6 Beta version could support for identifying SilverLight controls. If Not then what should be the solution for silverlight controls for automation. Than...

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How do i use this framework for a windows application

I am using a windows application and need to use this framework for that. Can anyone please tell me how i can do that?

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Need help with accessing TestData inside xml !!

I recently upgraded to VS 2013 and rebuild the entire CUITe solution from scratch due to compatability issues. All works fine except the data pool connection, nothing has changed but for some re...

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Unable to us CUITe Object Recorder

I am getting "Invalid URI: The host name could not be parsed" error while trying to capture objects in CUITe Object Recorder. Please find the attached screenshot of the error.

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Tests are not identifyable If I add CUITe dll to VB Project

When I add objects generated by object recorder to the new class then my Coded ui tests are not available to RUN. As soon the system compiles below line, test becomes invisible and not viewable und...

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I am unable to use CUITe.dll for VS2013 Premium

Hi, I am getting below runtime error while using CUITe.dll with VS2013 Premium edition. I am successfully able to build the CodedUI Test project, but I am unable to run it due to below error. Is t...

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How to access links with same InnerText

Hi, I am a tester (not a developer) that is now exploring capabilities of CUITe to use it in functional/regression testing. I am testing pages created in Single Page Application framework and the...

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how to record windows application using CUITe 1.0.6 Beta version

hi icnocop I am working on windows application which is developed in c# and there is no third party controls(custom controls) are included. I saw that CUITe 1.0.6 Beta version supports win-form co...

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Set a encrypted password using Cuite

Hi I am trying to login using cuite objects, but it doesn't support encrypted password and i have to pass the password as plain text to make it work. Here is the my code cpLogin.txtPassword.SetTe...

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