CUITE is not working with VS 2012 premium (update 4) and .NET 4.5

Testmethod is not visible in TEST EXPLORER after adding one .cs file in Object Repository Folder (this cs file is generated after CUITe recording). Object Repository folder sits in Project. wierd ...

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CUITe verion 1.0.6 (36574) for framework 4.5 does not work after build in VS2013

I try to use CUITe module in Visual Studio 2013 (framework 4.5). Build successfully created, but after referencing in my project I have got an error: The type or namespace name 'CUITe' could not be...

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Sample Object repository for WPF control window wise

Hi , For web automation in CUITe we prepare OR as follows Mybrowserwindow: CUITe_Browserwindo { public string sWindowTitle= "" ; . . } Than I call it using Mybrowserwindow owin = CUITe_BrowserWind...

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HTMLList.Items- Broken when List Items have spaces

Issue is detailed in this discussion - My solution was to revert specific changes in the latest version of changes to previous version. This however d...

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Browser not supported error message

Guys, While trying to use the enhanced framework when i try to execute a test it throws a error message saying the browser is not supported. Visual Studio 2010 IE 10 Win 7 64 bits Has anyone se...

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Name property is being recorded twice

HTML for object: <div class="percentage copay penalty" style="display: inline-block;"> Penalty <input type="text" name="Penalty" class="percent" data-original-value="25" value="25"> ...

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"Another control is blocking the control" error

Hello, I am receiving the following error: Failed to Perform ActionOnBlockedControlException. Another control is blocking the control. Please make the blocked control visible and retry the action...

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Not able to click on Hyperlink control.

Hi, I am trying to click on a submenu item. In variable subMenuItems which is a List<CUITe.Controls.ICUITe_ControlBase>, there are several submenu items each having tag '<a' with hyperlink and 'T...

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System.NullReferenceException while capturing UI controls using CUITe

Hi, Created a separate class for object repository but not able to get control details while capturing controls using CUITe when test is run in debug mode. No dll has 'CopyLocal' property set to ...

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Is CUITe compatible/usable with Visual Studio 2012

Is the CUITe framework/code compatible/usable with Visual Studio 2012 CUIT? Looking to use with with VS2012, but only see references to VS2010. Thanks.

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