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CUITe (Coded UI Test enhanced) Framework is a thin layer developed on top of Microsoft Visual Studio Team Test's Coded UI Test engine which helps reduce code, increases readability and maintainability, while also providing a bunch of cool features for the automation engineer.

Feature List

  • Simple to setup and use, just install and refer “CUITe.dll” in your Test project
  • Object Repository: Keeps UI Object definitions separate from automation code (no more UIMaps)
  • Reduces code to <10%: Readable, maintainable, sustainable UI automation code
  • Treat table as Table (logical way of handling content inside a table)
  • Web Automation: JavaScript execution support
  • Supports Silverlight and whatever (Html & Silverlight at this point) Coded UI Test supports underneath
  • Support for Telerik controls (being added)
  • Data Manager - simple but powerful XML based data manager
  • Good documentation, user community support


  • 2/10/2012 - CUITe 1.05 released. Get it here!
    • New feature - traversal properties - PreviousSibling, NextSibling, FirstChild & Parent for every CUITe_* control
    • New feature - catch the reference of the browser by its title (var bWin = new CUITe_BrowserWindow("iframe Test Main");)
    • New feature - GetColumnHeaders() method for CUITe_HtmlTable
    • New feature - GetChildren() method returning CUITe controls for all CUITe_* controls
    • New feature - support for CUITe_HtmlParagraph
  • 10/19/2011 - CUITe 1.04a released. Get it here!
    • More Silverlight support, and fixed a minor bug.
  • 10/14/2011 - CUITe 1.04 released. Get it here!
    • New feature - CUITe_BrowserWindow.Authenticate(string, string) method for handling Windows Security
    • New feature - support for iFrame in Object recorder (Thanks FloydPink)
    • New feature - generate object repository class in VB.NET (Thanks FloydPink)
    • Feature Request#639 - support interacting with silverlight controls without creating an ObjectRepository class (Thanks icnocop)
    • Feature Request#634 - Support CUITe setup installer upgrades from previous versions
    • Bug#638 - CUITe_HtmlTable FindRow not working when table contains thead and tbody

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