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CUITe 1.0.6 Beta

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Released: Jan 24, 2013
Updated: Feb 8, 2013 by icnocop
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Application CUITe for .NET v4.5
application, 211K, uploaded Jan 25, 2013 - 4855 downloads
Application CUITe for .NET v4
application, 240K, uploaded Jan 25, 2013 - 2030 downloads

Release Notes

Build 1.0.6

  • #882: Fixed whitespace in attributes are not preserved when CUITe looks for controls
  • Fixed issue where an HtmlEdit control is returned instead of an HtmlPassword control
  • #379395: Fixed issue when working with html table rows with header cells
  • #1011: Fixed issue when working with html table with header columns
  • #400874: Fixed issues when using the CUITe_HtmlTable.FindRow method

  • added support for Html Heading tags - h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6
  • #766: Fixed fillSearchProperties() issue
  • #556: Added support for Win and Wpf controls
  • #609: CUITe_InvalidSearchKey exception displays all the available control properties that can be used
  • added support for finding controls just by their control type and without search parameters
  • implemented CUITe_HtmlDocument wrapper for HtmlDocument
  • #366106: added support for HtmlUnorderedList, HtmlOrderedList, and HtmlListItem
  • #607: CUITe_BrowserWindow constructor accepts a window title as a parameter
  • #390777: added CUITe_DynamicBrowserWindow to support interacting with web pages that contain dynamic window titles.
  • added wrapper class for silverlight password control
  • #330874: support <input type="image" /> in Object Recorder
  • #633: Support for Silverlight spinner control
  • #897: Added public CUITeHtmlTable.GetCell(...) method which returns a CUITeHtmlCell instance
  • #397051: Implemented CUITeHtmlCustom for easier extensibility and CUITeHtmlIns to support the <ins /> html tag
  • #396767: Implemented CUITe_HtmlXml to support the <xml /> html tag
  • #400116: Added support for HtmlHeaderCell using CUITeHtmlHeaderCell and public methods CUITeHtmlTable.FindHeaderAndClick(int iRow, int iCol) and CUITe_HtmlTable.GetHeader(int iRow, int iCol) for more functionality
  • #399948: Added public property CUITe_HtmlTable.ColumnCount
  • #1047: Added support for CUITeHtmlEditableDiv and CUITeHtmlEditableSpan, thanks to flapmio
  • #406609: Added a SelectedItems property wrapper for the CUITe_HtmlList control
  • #1089: Added visual studio 2012 sln and accompanying projects to target .net 4.5

  • #781: Fixed Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITest* project references
  • simplified code; improved performance; resolved compiler warnings, removed duplicate code
  • signing CUITe.dll with a strong name key
  • added command line build support
  • added msbuild project file to build solutions and create release zips
  • added readme.txt to document development environment system requirements and build instructions
  • #564: removed setup project in favor of zipped binaries

Reviews for this release

We are waiting for next verision
by karikalanv on Apr 3, 2014 at 3:25 PM
Integrated very well with Visual Studio 2012, improved code maintainability by reducing siurce code 90+%.
by zhangj10 on Oct 19, 2013 at 2:03 PM