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WPF Datagrid Automation ---- how to identify Grid Row based on Cell text and click o button in the GridRow

Feb 10, 2014 at 7:45 AM
Hi Guys,

Can somebody help me to get Grid Row based on Cell Text in WPF data grid. Is below things achieved in CUITe framwork? Will it work if it's Custom WPF Grid Control?

1) Have WPF datagrid with many rows.
2) Wanted to identify GridRow based on Cell Text.
3) Once i get Row, then need to find a checkbox control in a cell of grid row.
(  this approach requires coz row position is changes always due add/delet of rows)
Feb 13, 2014 at 9:51 AM
It doesn't seem like that functionality is built into CUITe.

You can try to loop through each Row of the WpfTable.

It may work with a custom WPF Grid Control, but you'll have to try it.

Once you get a Row, you can loop through each Cell of that Row, etc.