Telerik TreeView control

Apr 15, 2013 at 2:44 PM
Hi, Can I make Cuite find the arrows in the TreeView Control, like on:

The recorder does not seem to catch them, so its not possible to expand the tree.
What coded ui does, is it creates an HTMLSPAN for each of the clicked nodes, like below:

public HtmlSpan UIItemPane3
            if ((this.mUIItemPane3 == null))
                this.mUIItemPane3 = new HtmlSpan(this);
                #region Search Criteria
                this.mUIItemPane3.SearchProperties[HtmlDiv.PropertyNames.Id] = null;
                this.mUIItemPane3.SearchProperties[HtmlDiv.PropertyNames.Name] = null;
                this.mUIItemPane3.FilterProperties[HtmlDiv.PropertyNames.InnerText] = null;
                this.mUIItemPane3.FilterProperties[HtmlDiv.PropertyNames.Title] = null;
                this.mUIItemPane3.FilterProperties[HtmlDiv.PropertyNames.Class] = "rtPlus";
                this.mUIItemPane3.FilterProperties[HtmlDiv.PropertyNames.ControlDefinition] = "class=rtPlus";
                this.mUIItemPane3.FilterProperties[HtmlDiv.PropertyNames.TagInstance] = "20";
                this.mUIItemPane3.WindowTitles.Add("Classification Tree");
            return this.mUIItemPane3;
Is it possible in the CUITE framework? Thanks!
Apr 16, 2013 at 10:11 AM

I think you'll need to first get the parent control
CUITe_HtmlDiv divBooks = new CUITe_HtmlDiv("InnerText=Books");
and then get the arrow which is a child control of the div element, for example
CUITe_HtmlSpan spanArrow = divBooks.Get<CUITe_HtmlSpan>("class=rtPlus rtPlusHover");
Apr 18, 2013 at 10:51 PM
Thanks, it works! Just the class had to be rtPlus as rtPlus rtPlusHover is not initially visible.